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Let's shake our hands to tread the path of success. When our vision and your commitments come together, it will open up new horizons of business opportuni

MEVA : Brand Embossment

MEVA expert marketing team shall design and shape all the publicity campaigns, publish materials in any media and decide for any liable actions. This will keep our Franchise holders free from the burdens of Publicity Campaigns. So they will enjoy a freedom to concentrate more on ambience and customer cares. Our marketing team will avidly consider the individual requirements of each of our Franchise holders and will take personal cares to design the advertizing tools accordingly. All the branding of the POP, vinyl, standing banners, New Flavor Introduction, promotional offers will be designed and published at regular intervals by MEVA Marketing Team in order to impart a unique Identity and uniform image in brand representation in the various sagas of markets, Still, if the franchise wants to frame and design any advertisement to meet the demands of any special occasion, the same needs to be confirmed by the Marketing Team. Since our franchise holders are very much part and parcel of our business, and since their work orientation means a lot to us, their creative suggestions in the functioning of our business are always welcome assets for us. To live is to strive happiness, and doing business is the very part of it. And therefore our constant endeavors go in the direction of making work an enjoyable task and the work environment scented with homely notes.